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Supply Chain Innovation

Streamlining operations with cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics solutions

Our Expertise.

Welcome to Sunbridge, where we excel in Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management by staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing industry. With our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we empower businesses to streamline their supply chain operations for increased efficiency, regulatory compliance, and improved profitability. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with industry experts to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to address your specific supply chain management. This includes mastering complex processes like demand forecasting and planning, improving supplier communication and contract management, optimizing inventory levels, and implementing strong logistics and transportation strategies. We also specialize in managing global supply chain challenges and ensuring quality control and compliance using the versatile capabilities of Dynamics 365.

Our Achievements

Optimized and streamlined over 250 supply chain operations

Improved supplier collaboration and compliance management for over 200 businesses

98% accuracy rate in demand forecasting and inventory optimization

Delivering solutions to key industry challenges

We unleash your business potential by maximising the innovation.

Precision in Demand Forecasting and Planning

We thoroughly analyze historical information, market patterns, and customer choices to ensure that our demand forecasting and planning with the master planning modules of Dynamics 365. This guarantees that we avoid both overstocking and understocking.

Streamlined Supplier Collaboration

We improve our relationships with suppliers by optimizing communication, overseeing contracts, and monitoring performance effectively through the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain system. This guarantees punctual deliveries and cost-efficient sourcing.

Optimized Inventory Management

We leverage Dynamics 365's inventory management modules to maintain balanced inventory levels, employ Just-in-Time (JIT) strategies, and set reorder points according to demand fluctuations to achieve optimal inventory control.

Efficient Logistics and Transportation Management

We incorporate transportation management modules into Dynamics 365 to enhance route efficiency, oversee carrier operations, and monitor shipments in real-time. This results in cost savings, and timely delivery to meet our deadlines effectively.

Global Supply Chain Coordination

We facilitate multi-national operations with tools for international regulation compliance and tax requirements, effectively managing global supply chains.

Robust Quality Control and Compliance

We make sure our products meet industry standards and regulations by using quality control modules in Dynamics 365. This helps us keep a close eye on the tracking and management processes to ensure top-notch quality.

Enhanced Warehouse Efficiency

With Dynamics 365's warehouse management system (WMS) modules, we enhance warehouse designs, streamline picking operations, and minimize mistakes, ultimately boosting efficiency in order fulfillment, packaging, and delivery.

Optimal Inventory Accuracy

We utilize cutting-edge tracking methods like barcoding and RFID, which are seamlessly integrated with the ERP system, to ensure precise inventory counts and reduce discrepancies for immediate inventory precision.

Effective Labor Management

We offer labor management modules integrated into Dynamics 365 for effective warehouse staff supervision. Our system enables shift scheduling, employee productivity monitoring, and labor cost optimization to maximize human resource utilization.

Streamlined Returns and Reverse Logistics

Dealing with returns and reverse logistics can be challenging and expensive. We incorporate reverse logistics capabilities into Dynamics 365 to streamline the return process and efficiently handle returned inventory, ultimately cutting down on costs and simplifying operations.

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