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Streamlined ERP Rollout for Multi-Entity Enterprises

Introduction to Sunbridge Rollouts

In the modern interconnected business landscape, companies with multiple legal entities encounter distinct obstacles in upholding a cohesive and effective operational framework. Our method of configuring ERP systems is specifically designed for these companies, with a focus on setting up one legal entity and then mirroring this structure across other entities within the organization. This approach guarantees consistency, effectiveness, and alignment with the overall goals of the company.

Why Choose Sunbridge for
International Dynamics Rollouts?

Uniform Operations Across Borders

Implementing a consistent ERP system globally ensures uniformity in processes, reducing errors and discrepancies across different regions.

Focused User Adoption and Training

Understanding the diverse operational and cultural landscapes, we allocate extensive resources for user training and change management to ensure smooth system adoption globally.

Unified System Architecture

Establishing a single, well-configured legal entity sets a robust foundation that can be mirrored across other entities, ensuring a consistent operational framework.

Efficient Replication Process

Once the initial entity is configured, the process for setting up additional entities becomes more streamlined and cost-effective, reducing the overall implementation time and effort.

Customized Yet Consistent Configuration

While each entity may have unique operational nuances, this approach allows for customized adaptations while maintaining core consistency in the ERP system.

Centralized Control with Local Adaptation

It offers a balance between centralized management and local flexibility, catering to specific regional or operational requirements of each entity.

Our Methodology


Step 1

Initial entity configuration

We start by thoroughly configuring the ERP system for one legal entity, ensuring it aligns with the enterprise’s goals and operational standards.


Step 2

Replication and customization

The initial setup serves as a blueprint for subsequent entities, with adaptations made to meet specific local or functional needs.


Step 3

Consistent data and process integration

We ensure that all entities share a common data structure and integrated processes, enhancing overall operational coherence and efficiency.


Step 4

Quality assurance and testing

Rigorous testing is conducted for each entity set up to ensure seamless functionality and integration.


Step 5

Training and Support for Each Entity

Tailored training programs are provided to ensure smooth adoption and operation across all entities.


Step 6

Ongoing review and optimization

Continuous evaluation and optimization are undertaken to ensure the ERP system evolves with the enterprise’s needs

Industries We Serve

Empowering diverse industries with innovative solutions

Multinational Corporations

Global Retail Chains

International Manufacturing Companies

Worldwide Healthcare Organizations

Cross-border Financial Institutions

Ready to unify your global business operations with our International Dynamics Rollouts?

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