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Empowering Modern Manufacturing

Solving real-world challenges with Microsoft Dynamics expertise

Our Expertise.

Join us at Sunbridge, where we have extensive experience in navigating the ever-changing demands and intricacies of modern manufacturing. Our deep knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics solutions empowers manufacturers to achieve flexibility, adherence to regulations, and profitability. We work closely with industry specialists to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is tailored precisely to your individual requirements, particularly in managing complex production processes.
Quality control is a top priority in manufacturing, and our integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions guarantee consistent product quality through thorough tracking and management. We are adept at production scheduling, using advanced planning and scheduling (APS) modules to balance customer demands with optimal resource allocation. Our solutions also extend to shop floor management, enabling precise coordination through real-time tracking and operational management tools. Recognizing the variety in product configurations, we provide flexible Microsoft Dynamics 365 options for accurate pricing and customization to meet each customer's specific needs. We place great emphasis on traceability and compliance by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 features for effective material tracking and compliance reporting – essential for recalls and regulatory adherence.

Our Achievements

Over 300 manufacturing facilities streamlined

Supporting 250+ manufacturers with quality control modules

97% accuracy in maintaining quality standards

Delivering solutions to key industry challenges

We unleash your business potential by maximising the innovation.

Streamlining Complex Production Processes

We collaborate with specialists to meticulously map and model intricate production processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensuring precision in Finance and Supply Chain management.

Advanced Raw Material Management

Our expertise in complex supply chains enables us to implement sophisticated ERP modules for efficient inventory tracking, supplier performance monitoring, and procurement optimization.

Robust Quality Control Systems

We integrate quality control modules into Microsoft Dynamics 365, facilitating meticulous tracking of quality metrics and inspection processes to maintain consistent product quality.

Efficient Production Scheduling

Utilizing advanced planning and scheduling modules, we optimize production schedules in Microsoft Dynamics 365, balancing customer demands with resource utilization.

Comprehensive Shop Floor Management

Our solutions include shop floor control modules for effective work order tracking, machine performance monitoring, and real-time communication.

Flexible Product Configuration Solutions

We cater to diverse product configurations, ensuring accurate pricing and customization through flexible product options in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Traceability and Compliance Assurance

Our traceability features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable effective material tracking for regulatory compliance and quick recall processes.

Capacity Planning Expertise

We employ capacity planning modules to balance production capacity with market demands, particularly in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing scenarios.

Integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

By integrating PLM systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365, we ensure seamless collaboration between design and manufacturing teams for efficient lifecycle management.

Global Operations Management

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions support multi-site and global operations, streamlining logistics, compliance, and communication across various locations.

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