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Enhancing Pharma Quality Control

Driving manufacturing excellence in the pharmaceutical industry with Dynamics 365

Our Expertise.

At Sunbridge, we go beyond traditional supply chain management in the pharmaceutical sector. We recognize the specific challenges that healthcare companies face, such as strict regulations, accurate demand forecasting, and intricate distribution networks. With a focus on stringent regulatory requirements, accurate demand forecasting, and complex distribution networks, we utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 pharmaceutical to create tailored solutions. Our services encompass global health regulation compliance, precise management of pharmaceutical inventory, and optimization of domestic and international distribution networks. Collaborating closely with our pharma clients, we implement solutions that improve traceability, enhance supplier and customer relationships, and seamlessly integrate business processes. This approach fosters innovation, reduces operational risks, and drives growth in an industry like pharma that is highly competitive and heavily regulated.

Our Achievements

Optimized and streamlined over 230 pharmaceutical supply chain operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing time-to-market

Improved collaboration and compliance management across more than 200 pharmaceutical businesses

98% accuracy rate in pharmaceutical demand forecasting and inventory optimization

Delivering solutions to key industry challenges

We unleash your business potential by maximising the innovation.

Regulatory Compliance

Our ERP system is designed to uphold adherence to standards such as GMP, GLP, and GCP by offering strong document management and audit trails to maintain compliance records.

Batch Tracking and Serialization

Our ERP system enables batch manufacturing and serialization to ensure accurate tracking of individual products across the supply chain.

Quality Assurance and Validation

We incorporate modules to manage quality checks, validation protocols, and deviations.

Clinical Data Integration

We implement data integration capabilities for seamless exchange and accuracy of clinical data.

Global Supply Chain

Our ERP system is equipped to facilitate worldwide operations, offering a range of tools to monitor and enhance supply chains across various regions.

Counterfeit Drug Prevention

We have integrated track-and-trace capabilities into our system to keep a close eye on the movement of pharmaceutical products and spot any counterfeit items.

Clinical Trials Management

We implement comprehensive modules to streamline trial planning, patient enrollment, and data management.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

We implement PLM modules or systems to facilitate seamless collaboration among R&D, regulatory affairs, and manufacturing.

Inventory Control

Gain instant access to real-time information on inventory levels, expiration dates, and storage conditions through our system, complete with automated alerts for nearing expiration inventory.

Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Event Reporting

We have integrated pharmacovigilance modules to track and handle adverse event reports, ensuring strict adherence to reporting regulations.

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