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Empowering Precision
and Efficiency

Assembly Management with Advanced
Power App Integration

Brief Overview:

The manufacturing industry is currently grappling with a critical challenge in the efficient and accurate management of assembly processes. Managing cumbersome data, inadequate visualization of assembly operations, and time-consuming procedures are proving to be major hurdles for companies. Traditional systems fail to provide real-time production insights, leading to inefficiency in monitoring and controlling assembly activities. Moreover, the complexity of integrating assembly management systems with essential software like Test JIG applications is exacerbating operational difficulties. Our Power App, seamlessly integrated with Business Central, directly addresses these obstacles to deliver streamlined assembly management in manufacturing environments.


Enhanced data management solution transformed.

Enables efficient tracking of product assembly progress and stages

Improved resource allocation and decision-making

Seamless assembly monitoring feature for easy logging and identification of bottlenecks, quality control, and consistent production flow

Advanced BOM creation and management feature guarantees precise BOM creation

Accurate component linking for seamless tracing throughout assembly line

Creates cohesive and efficient workflow

Improves productivity through effortless communication and data sharing between different systems

Robust integration capabilities for smooth integration with third-party applications like Test JIG software using REST API technology

Key features


Creation of multiple assemblies

The Power App allows users to simultaneously create multiple assemblies on iPads or tablets.


Production data visualization

Visual dashboards provide a clear overview of production, emphasizing assembly and employee productivity.


Intuitive user interface

The user-friendly graphical interface accelerates assembly recording, improving overall process efficiency.


Graphical item rejection display

Graphical representation of item rejections during assembly enhances quality control.


Streamlined assembly protocols

Monitoring & reporting in real-time

Enhanced operational productivity

Better quality control

Flexible third-party integrations

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