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Advanced Integration Solutions for Enhanced Performance

Introduction to Integrations by Sunbridge Software

Sunbridge Software’s integration services are meticulously designed to bridge your business systems seamlessly, ensuring efficient, secure, and streamlined data flow. Our suite of integration solutions includes custom API development, middleware solutions, third-party system integrations, workflow optimization, and the innovative 'Bring Your Own Database' (BYOD) approach with Microsoft Dynamics 365. These services are tailored to enhance the connectivity and interoperability of your business systems, facilitating enhanced data management and workflow efficiency.

Why Choose Sunbridge’s Integration Solutions?

Customized API and Middleware Solutions

Tailored API development and middleware solutions ensure seamless integration and efficient data transfer across platforms.

Extensive Third-Party System Integrations

Our expertise includes integrating diverse ERP systems with various third-party applications for enhanced functionality.

Optimized Business Workflows

We specialize in creating industry-specific workflows, resulting in more mature and transparent business processes.

Innovative BYOD Approach

Our BYOD approach with Dynamics 365 revolutionizes data management and integration, particularly for advanced analytics and reporting.

Our Integration Services

Custom API Development

Creating APIs for customer, vendor, and employee portals, ensuring smooth integration with your applications to meet the specific needs of your business. Our focus on compatibility and functionality ensures smooth interactions between your business systems and users, improving user experience and operational efficiency.

Middleware Solutions

Building middleware for efficient and secure data exchange across different platforms. Acting as a bridge between software applications, middleware enables seamless communication and sharing of data to enhance interoperability and reduce the complexity of IT infrastructure. This approach not only streamlines processes but also ensures secure transmission of sensitive information within the business ecosystem.

Customizable and Secure Data Management For Finance and Operations

BYOD, or "Bring Your Own Device," is a policy allowing employees to use personal devices for work. It reduces hardware costs for organizations and increases user comfort and productivity.
Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365's BYOD feature for tailored and secure data entity transfers. Integrating with PowerBI for advanced analytics and reporting is crucial for businesses, and our method streamlines this process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 BYOD feature easily transfers data from the ERP system to your preferred database. This feature allows for extensive customization of data management, ensuring that only relevant and essential data entities are included in external reporting and analytics. The secure transfer process also maintains the confidentiality of sensitive business information, making it an ideal solution for companies managing large volumes of data.

BYOD process


Step 1

Data Entity Customization

Tailor your data entities in Dynamics 365 for a seamless export process.


Step 2

Setting up Data Export

Establish and fine-tune the link and transfer parameters between Dynamics 365 and your external database.


Step 3

Synchronizing Data

Keep your external database current with routine updates from Dynamics 365.


Step 4


Guarantee the safety of your data during transfer and storage, while staying compliant with all relevant rules and regulations.


Step 5

PowerBI Integration

Connect your external database to PowerBI to unlock superior analytics and reporting capabilities.

Streamlined Integration with Power BI and Azure

Enhancing data analysis and business intelligence capabilities by integrating Dynamics 365 with PowerBI through Azure. This integration streamlines data analysis and offers more comprehensive and actionable business intelligence that drives success.

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