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Brief About Company

CUSTOMER! is a leading firm based in USA that specializes in partnering with restaurant brands and operators to discover, uncover, and recover restaurants through a strategic focus on people, assets, and profits. With a mission to revitalize and optimize restaurant businesses, CUSTOMER! collaborates with clients to address operational challenges and enhance overall profitability.


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations / Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Project Durations – 12 Months
  • Resources - 12
Problem Statement

Customer faced critical challenges in their financial and operational management, hindering their ability to achieve streamlined and efficient processes:

Accounting Management

The existing accounting system lacked streamlined processes, leading to inefficiencies in financial management. CUSTOMER struggled with disparate systems, resulting in a lack of a unified and streamlined approach to accounting.

Microsoft GP Limitations

CUSTOMER operated on Microsoft GP (Great Plains) for financial management. However, this posed a significant challenge as GP was not implemented for all six entities. The absence of common reporting features across entities created difficulties in generating accurate management reports and assessing profitability.


The primary objective was to ensure streamlined operations, provide accurate and timely management reports, and support CUSTOMER in opening more franchises across the USA. The results were remarkable:

  • CUSTOMER successfully opened 35 new stores across the United States.
  • The transition to Business Central and the implementation of the JET reporting tool allowed CUSTOMER to focus on strategic business expansion instead of grappling with operational challenges.
  • With seven Business Central licenses, the entire implementation took a duration of two months, ensuring a quick and efficient transformation.
Sunbridge Approach

Sunbridge Software Services, a trusted partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, proposed a strategic approach to address CUSTOMER!'s challenges

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sunbridge implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to provide customer with a single, unified database for all six legal entities. This streamlined their accounting processes, enabling seamless data flow and real-time reporting.

Expansion to Nine Legal Entities

Over time, as CUSTOMER! continued to grow, the solution evolved to accommodate the addition of three more legal entities. Business Central's scalability allowed CUSTOMER! to manage the financial complexities of their expanding business effortlessly.

JET Reporting Tool Implementation

To enhance reporting capabilities, Sunbridge introduced the JET reporting tool, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solution integrated with Business Central. This empowered CUSTOMER with robust reporting features, enabling them to generate accurate and insightful management reports effortlessly. Link to JET Reporting Tool

Streamlined Data Upload and Bank Reconciliation

Business Central facilitated automatic bank reconciliation, streamlining data uploads, and ensuring accuracy in financial transactions. This significantly reduced manual efforts and improved the efficiency of month-on-month reporting.


CUSTOMER has been leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for the last four years, achieving significant operational efficiencies and enabling substantial business growth. The partnership with Sunbridge Software Services, coupled with the integration of the JET reporting tool, has empowered CUSTOMER to not only streamline their existing operations but also focus on their mission

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