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Discover how Sunbridge Software, a leading Implementation Partner for Microsoft Business Applications tackled significant hurdles faced by a major fuel retailing company. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, this dynamic partnership transformed inventory management, streamlined processes, and alleviated manual reporting burdens.


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • Project Durations – 12 Months
  • Resources - 6
Problem Statement

Say Goodbye to Inventory Woes

Bid farewell to inventory management gaps, tackling the struggle of tracking multiple product versions and Bill of Materials (BOM).

No More System Disparity

Consolidate various systems into one powerful platform, eliminating the use of different software applications for financials, product management, CRM, and more. Stop wasting time with scattered data.

Escape the Manual Reporting Maze

Escape the time-consuming process of manually compiling data from various sources. Embrace a centralized and accurate source of information with automated reporting tools.

Mastering Complex Operations

Take control of complex BOM and version control with ease. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing a vast line of BOM and multiple versions.

Efficient Sales and Purchase Orders

Improve tracking and management of sales and purchase orders, dramatically enhancing efficiency.

Optimized Service Representative Management

Effortlessly manage and track service representative activities and workload with enhanced capabilities.


Our goal was to overcome the hurdles caused by outdated systems, limited reporting capabilities, and inefficient processes in order to deliver timely orders and ensure customer satisfaction. We needed a solution that could provide us with accurate financial analysis and address our inventory management issues.

Sunbridge Approach

We approached the migration by upgrading from our older Microsoft GP solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This decision provided us with 360-degree visibility of our online auto parts business.


A Comprehensive ERP Solution

Experience the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as it consolidates financials, product management, CRM, and more into a unified ERP system.

Revolutionize Inventory Management

Take control of inventory with robust features, streamlining the tracking of BOM and product versions.

Centralized Data Powerhouse

Experience the benefits of a centralized data repository, providing accurate and real-time information.

Bid Farewell to Manual Reporting

Free up valuable time with automated reporting tools, delivering timely and accurate MIS reports.

Master BOM and Version Control

Manage complex BOM effortlessly with enhanced version control and master planning capabilities.

Efficient Sales and Purchase Order Management

Enjoy increased operational efficiency with streamlined tracking and management of sales and purchase orders.

Optimized Service Representative Workflows

Take charge of service representative activities, optimizing workflow and resource allocation.

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