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Discover how Sunbridge successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance ERP for a prominent member-owned financial cooperative in the USA. By addressing challenges in the existing system and enhancing financial operations, this implementation brought about remarkable improvements for the Credit Union.


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Project Durations – 12 Months
  • Resources - 6
Problem Statement

Strengthening the General Ledger System

Mazuma faced limitations with its current GL system, hindering the efficiency of financial processes.

Gaining Clear Insights into Expense Allocation

Limited visibility over expense allocation impacted strategic decision-making for Mazuma.

Optimizing Product-wise Profitability

Existing limitations made it difficult for Mazuma to assess and optimize product-wise profitability.

Enhancing Member Relationships

Mazuma wanted to enhance branch effectiveness and ensure a seamless member experience.

Streamlining Financial Operations

Manual posting processes introduced inefficiencies and the risk of errors.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Dynamics 365 Finance significantly improved operational efficiency, allowing Mazuma to focus on strategic initiatives.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Clear visibility over expense allocation and product-wise profitability empowered Mazuma to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Growth in Member Relationships

Enhanced branch effectiveness led to improved member relationships, fostering trust and loyalty.

Reduction in Manual Efforts

Automation of posting processes minimized manual efforts and freed up resources for impactful tasks.

Sunbridge Approach

Comprehensive General Ledger System

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance provided Mazuma with a robust GL system, improving financial management efficiency.

Enhanced Visibility and Expense Allocation

Dynamics 365 Finance introduced features that provided clear visibility over expense allocation, empowering data-driven insights.

Detailed Product-wise Profitability Insights

The ERP solution facilitated detailed analysis, enabling a comprehensive understanding of product-wise profitability.

Strengthening Member Relationships

Dynamics 365 Finance supported Mazuma's goal of enhancing member relationships with tools for branch effectiveness and a personalized member experience.

Automation of Processes

Sunbridge automated manual posting processes, reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.


Sunbridge recommended implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance ERP, a powerful solution tailored to meet Mazuma's unique financial requirements.

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