While Using real-time data, can generate financial, sales, and inventory reports. Sales staff key in orders once, and that order is automatically logged into both Navision and the company’s WMS software. Employees can now spend time on more productive tasks, so Customer has been able to accept more companies to distribute their products. The result? An impressive increase in sales.(A 30 percent sales increase )

Customer are no longer hindered by an inefficient ERP program and are able to take on new challenges. As a result, company leaders can confidently embark on a path of growth. “We are producing new items and accepting new clients,”. “With improved staff productivity, we are able to bring in more product to generate more profit for the company. Today, employees can easily compile their sales, marketing, and financial reports. Now that every department is sharing the same accurate source data, people can confidently make decisions based on the information they get. Staff no longer spend time figuring out whose data set is the most accurate. “What used to take weeks now takes hours,”. sales staff no longer have to spend their evenings keying in sales orders back at the office. They all have tablets, with immediate access to the company’s online Microsoft NAV website. Sales people can instantly check inventory, see if a customer still owes the company money, and enter orders. The moment an employee enters the data, the stock is immediately reserved and on its way to the customer. “This mobility is fantastic. “It allows us to plan and be more responsive to our customers. ERP to be the brains behind the company’s massive warehouse.

Sunbridge is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in India