Many ERP solutions allow manufacturing companies to share important production-related data with not only internal employees, but with external constituents such as vendors, suppliers, and distributors. This advances communication and empowers better harmonization of actions among these key business stakeholders. An ERP also systematizes business processes by placing them into a useful format that is standardized and common for the whole organization. It provides insight into operations, inventory, supply chain, and external market demand all from one system thereby streamlining the fulfillment processes.

Many ERP systems automate serial and lot tracking and traceability as well as swift product recall processes saving the company time and money. Further, an ERP provides improved control over components inventory, more accurate demand-planning, streamlined production scheduling, and more effective coordination of distribution channels, which enable companies to improve on-time delivery of products, a critical performance metric for today’s manufacturers.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations helps to connect information from multiple sources and provide improve visibility into manufacturing operations, inventory supply chain and customer demands all from single system. Few ERP also offer integrated reporting with access to real-time data updates and advance analytics solutions promoting on-time performance and improved order fulfillment.


Dynamics 365 operations have in-built automation capabilities in areas of billing, costing, specifications, production, vendor management and trading partner performance. With capabilities such master planning, formulas, BoM, Scheduling, traceability (Barcode). The more things can be automated, the more saving and accuracy


Manufacturing companies have a typical need to ensure full traceability for end-to-end batch and serial number tracking. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations can automate serial and batch tracking, seamless product recall process, quarantine of suspect products and comprehensive audit trails

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