Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3  is an ERP that does everything a good ERP should do. The solution is a perennial achiever. It offers enough advantages to a business to help get the basics right and move on towards bigger things.

1. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a multi-layered architecture which helps a business be more agile and adapt better to rapidly changing requirements.

2. The ERP Software offers discrete as well as process-based manufacturing functionalities.

3. Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Solution leverages best industry practices and vertical market processes through its business process library.

4. It offers a seamless Microsoft Office integration with Excel, Word, Outlook and Dynamics CRM through a single click.

5. It offers to the end user an enterprise portal which promotes internal as well as external collaboration. This means companies will be able to share information upstream as well as downstream to simplify production and delivery.

6. MS Dynamics AX offers a full suite of complimentary tools. Other offerings include Management Reporter, Dashboards, Balanced Scorecards, Date Warehousing and OLAP.

7. Its role based configuration facilitates the dashboard creation of specific user functions such as Kanban Scheduling Visualization, Data flows, Workflows and Task Lists.

8. It offers steady global ERP support through its multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.

9. Being one of the Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software it is supported ably by a very strong global partner network and happens to be one of the best competitors in the midrange ERP market.

10. It has a very simple and familiar user interface, hence eliminating the need for any kind of training.