MS Dynamics 365

Few could debate that India retailers are having a burning time. Faced with a slackening economy and an increasingly cautious consumer, many brick and mortar retailers are struggling to maintain healthy profit margins. Added to this, digital transformation is changing the entire retail playing field: new, online competitors are eating away at traditional market share, while digitally savvy consumers are continuously scanning for bargains and better prices. When combining all of these factors, it is clear that local retailers can no longer afford to apply the same strategies and operational approaches as before. They need to up the ante, on a variety of different levels.

Before taking a deep dive into specific areas where local retailers can boost consumer engagement and streamline efficiencies (particularly through digital), it is worth debunking the myth that ‘retail is dying’. In many circles, research reports and eye-catching headlines have rung the death knell for brick and mortar retailers (dubbed the ‘Retail Apocalypse’), claiming that e-commerce is the only way of the future. Yet even as slick and smart online stores woo younger shoppers via their ever-present smartphones, we are undoubtedly seeing that consumers still seek out and enjoy the physical, in-store experience.

Key features of Dynamics 365 include mobile-optimized, point of sale experiences that empower frontline employees to deliver exceptional customer service and improve sales; various omni-channel capabilities that allow shoppers to engage with retailers on their terms and to buy, fulfil and return anywhere; and data-driven retail experiences that enable customer engagement at every possible touch point.

Notably, retailers can choose to deploy the solution on-premises, online or by using hybrid scenarios with licensing flexibility. Also, by harnessing both Dynamics 365 and Office 365, retailers can harness prescriptive recommendations and automated data capture of customer communications – across both platforms.

Sunbridge is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in India, having offices in Pune. Earlier know as Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM.