Practicing the philosophy of Lean manufacturing, developing tacit learning, engaging all employees in Kaizen and understanding what is meant by improvement.

  1. Customer First Thinking
  2. Employees = Most Important Resource
  3. Direct Observation
  4. Kaizen is for everybody, everyday

Management must align policy to support Lean, must lead in a new way, must develop positive relationships with all stakeholders. Kaizen – the means to realign resources – represents small changes for the better in their daily work. For management, kaizen means to re-think strategy, organization and policy, and to implement incremental changes to the status-quo management system that is contradictory to True North.

By applying the technical aspects of Continuous Improvement – proven tools, techniques and countermeasures – people reduce or eliminate one or more of the 7 wastes* while going about their daily work. However, a tool is only a tool when used correctly, and used to assist in a situation where it makes sense. If we do not understand the purpose of the tools and the conditions under which a tool makes sense, we are sure to struggle in our journey. When tools are understood to be a means to an end, a series of aids to assist us in establishing a system made up of processes that flow value according to customer need, then the chances of success are much greater. Encouraging managers and employees to learn and, more importantly, practice with them regularly, the technical “leg” of our tripod can significantly accelerate improvement efforts as well as highlight additional improvement opportunities.

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