Although there is a debate between the experts about the best prevailing ERP systems but certain indicators suggest that MS Dynamics AX is much better than SAP. Following arguments will certainly make you choose AX over SAP. Exceptional performance of AX forces Gartner, Inc. to say, “Magic Quadrant for Midmarket and Tier-2 Oriented ERP for Product-Centric Companies”. Another reputed research organization Nucleus Research claimed that MS Dynamics Lead in its Value Matrix, which is based on functionality and usability.
Dynamics AX customers saw
Percentage by/Months
Boosts up production levels
Positive ROI
Enhanced operational activities and swift visibility
Minimizing HR spending
Lowering IT expenditure
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)
Experts have claimed that MS Dynamics AX consumers witnessed amazing advantages of MS Dynamics from 81 percent to cent percent over other known ERP systems.
Business Visibility
Statistics and timely insights give an amazing ERP experience. Although SAP also offers same features but it requires SAP Business Warehouse through its own servers, on the other hand MS Dynamics AX does not require separate servers, which gives edge AX over SAP and other ERP systems. Dynamics AX users witnessed boost in employee productivity and effortless business process management. Swift handling of Dynamics AX allows staffers to become accustomed to the structure and thus benefiting the business than ever before. Completely integrated business solution of AX, provides a comprehensive approach to the development of the organization and the staffers.
Easy to Deploy
Business supervision has always been a tricky task to handle. MS Dynamics AX offers remarkable deployment flexibility. Future upgrades can also be made in routine ERP operations through MS Dynamics AX.